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Index World provides comprehensive bookkeeping services tailored to the specific needs of small businesses and e-commerce store owners, including those on platforms like Amazon and Shopify. Our experienced team ensures meticulous financial records and compliances. We understand these businesses’ unique challenges and offer customized solutions.


Bookkeeping for SME

Index World offers bookkeeping services designed specifically for small businesses. We understand the unique financial challenges small companies face. Our staff is committed to providing precise, affordable solutions that may speed up financial operations, lower error rates, and free up time for business expansion. Whether you need assistance with basic bookkeeping or more complex financial management, Index World is here to support your small business in achieving financial clarity and success.


Are you an e-commerce store owner struggling to manage your finances?

You’re not alone. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs encounter these common challenges:

These issues can negatively impact your sales, reputation, and customer loyalty. Moreover, they can complicate your accounting and bookkeeping processes. That's where a professional bookkeeper comes in, who understands the challenges and opportunities in the e-commerce industry. Index World is here to help you take control of your finances and foster business growth.

Bookkeeping for E-Commerce Store Owners

If you’re an e-commerce store owner looking to enhance your financial management and expand your business, Index World can assist you in:

Tracking your Income
and Expenses

Managing your Inventory
and Cashflow

Preparing your Tax Returns
and Financial Statements

Analyzing your Performance and Profitability

Optimizing your Budget
and Pricing Strategy

Analyzing your Performance and Profitability

Optimizing your Budget
and Pricing Strategy

What Is Your Primary Bookkeeping Challenge?

Achieving and preserving the highest possible level of accuracy
in one’s financial records.

Being responsible for many transactions, entries, and reconciliations.

Successfully negotiating complex compliance and regulatory requirements.

Achieving and preserving the highest possible level of accuracy
in one’s financial records.

Utilizing cutting-edge accounting software to maintain accurate
books on time.

Putting in place stringent quality assurance and control measures.

Providing financial records that are accurate and dependable to facilitate informed decision-making.

Giving companies the tools they need to be successful in their financial activities.

The Two Most Common
Errors in the Books!

Recovery is essential!

You must restore and manage your financial records to always know where your company stands financially, fulfill reporting requirements, and make educated judgments.

What Bookkeeping Recovery Does Not Entail

It’s just a basic monthly bookkeeping service. Continuing regular bookkeeping on top of inaccurate financial records keeps the mistakes going instead of fixing them.

A one-time cleanup. This term is usually used for small businesses that only tidy up their books during tax season, rushing to organize them for filing and then neglecting them until the next tax season.


Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting & Bookkeeping for Small & Medium Businesses


Why worry? Let us take care of your bookkeeping needs.

Real Bookkeepers

We're here to assist you in starting and answering your basic bookkeeping queries. Feel free to reach out anytime.

Clear Pricing

Our pricing is straightforward, with no hourly rates or hidden charges. You won't encounter any surprises.

Software Proficiency

We can work with your existing bookkeeping software or set you up with ours.

Secure Online Platform

Safely submit receipts, log transactions, categorize expenses, and more through our secure online portal.

Tax-Ready Financials

Say goodbye to audit worries. Your financial data will be prepared for IRS review.

Comprehensive Accounting

We assist with all accounting aspects, including taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, etc.

We are compatible with your existing system.

We adjust to your current system, no matter what it is. Whether you already use a bookkeeping system or need one, we can smoothly integrate with your setup. Alternatively, we can introduce you to our powerful cloud-based bookkeeping system for your ease.

Our compatibility includes:

Our Services


Account Review

Administrative Accounting

MIS Reporting

Vendor and Customer Follow-up

Payroll Processing

Collaboration with Auditors