Odoo Implementation

We are Certified Odoo Implementation Partner

Odoo Implementation is not about just selecting relevant modules of your choice and installing them. It includes correct configurations of these modules according to your business requirement and its user training. Odoo Implementation services are not just limited to these two factors only, there are is a complete checklist for a successful implementation. If this job is not done by a professional, it will lead towards catastrophe. You will be lacked to benefit from its available features and it will result in wasting both time along with money and at the end getting frustrated by not achieving your goals of using ERP.  

We are official Odoo partners with experience in both standard and custom Odoo implementation. Our team includes high-end ODOO developers, ODOO functionals and professional accountants serving their life in implementing ODOO ERP.  Index World is providing odoo implementation services to multiple industries covering Construction, Manufacturing, Trading, E-commerce, retails and many others. These services are provided by us worldwide including Dubai, US, UK, Australia, Germany and Saudi Arabia.    

What makes us different from other implementation companies is our Customized development in ODOO with the high-quality code and our vast experience in Data Migration from other software like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Freshbooks, Zoho, and pebbly.

Our Areas of Expertise

Inventory & Warehousing






Third Party Integration

Restaurant Management

Hospital System

Point of Sale


Repair & Maintenance

School Management System




Odoo Implementation Success Factor:

A successful ODOO implementation depends on selecting the right Odoo partner who can build a complete implementation plan from requirement gathering to end-user training and support service. A comprehensive list includes providing a schedule to the beloved client. That will contain the date-wise progress of implementation plan, helping both parties to prepare their data/information accordingly hence, resulting in timely implementation, thus saving time and cost of the client. An absence of such a plan can result in a catastrophe.

Having such a scheduled plan, will help the client arrange their timetable for meetings and other activities without disturbing their routine work during the execution of the ODOO Implementation.

Another success factor is to create a checklist of implementation which will include setting goals and objectives of your ERP Implementation, determining the exact requirements and functionalities needed, problems in running your operations through existing flows, a competitive team for communication etc. 

Our Odoo Implementation methodology

Without considering the client’s size that approaches us, our phases for implementation of ODOO remains the same. We have divided the implementation into 5 Phases, which are as under:

Business Need Analysis and Planning.
Business Need Analysis and Planning.
Development and Testing.
Development and Testing.
Data Migration and Deployment.
Data Migration and Deployment.
Users Training.
Users Training.
Support and Maintenance
Support and Maintenance

Business Need Analysis and Planning

Development and Testing

Data Migration & Deployment

Migrating client data from the existing system to ODOO.
Functional Review of the Data Migrated.
Setting up any new Chart of accounts and balances.
Deployment ODOO Modules and customized on server.
Setting up Access Rights.

Users Training

Live online Training to Users on Cloned System. Providing the screen recording of the above training to the client for its newly joined employees after the implementation. Creating a Facebook or Whatsapp group of ODOO functional and users to resolve queries.

Support and Maintenance


We pride ourselves when our client refers us to other companies for ODOO implementation services as it shows their 100% satisfaction level and belief in us. We thanked those clients as they relied on us, and we will never let them down. It also motivates us to provide and maintain our high-quality service regardless of the size of our client.


Why choose ODOO over other ERP's, and what are its benefits?

ODOO ERP, in terms of functionalities, is delivering more than the other expensive ERP Systems, keeping in view today’s world’s needs. Its implementation and license cost is comparatively lower than its competitors. It contains various modules to add as your business grows without shifting to any other ERP system. It is a customizable ERP system having integration access with other applications. You can configure ODOO ERP both on the cloud and on your local server. ODOO has more than 20,000 apps and is growing, meeting today’s world needs. For more information on this topic. Click Here.

How long does it take to implement ODOO ERP?

ODOO ERP Implementation can take 1-6 months, depending upon its size and customized development of modules according to the client’s business requirement.

What is the Cost of Implementing ODOO?

The cost of Implementing ODOO ERP is 1,000 to 20,000 USD depending upon the company’s size and its users and taking into account the customized development.

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